Privacy and Terms of Use
Privacy Policy
We respect your right to privacy. We DO NOT give out or sell E-mail addresses, telephone numbers, addresses, or any other information about our customers to anyone. However, as part of the tracking service we provide for our customers, we must provide our shipping company with your e-mail address so that you receive your tracking number for your shipment. If you would prefer that your e-mail address NOT be given out for this reason, please let us know in the comments section of you order or when you call. We do occasionally send out money saving coupons to customers who have clicked the option box on their order screen to accept e-mail from us in the future. You can opt out of this feature at anytime. We will, with proper legal authority or court order release information that maybe requested by a local, state or federal governmental body. This is something we may or may not fight as a sub chapter S corporation. We may also decide to work with any of the above mentioned governmental bodies if they demonstrate that it is the interest of public safety or local, state or national security matter.

Terms and Proper use of Products
Use of any of our products that we sell for illegal purposes is strongly discouraged . If we determine that in any way you intend to use the products that we sell in the above fashion, the order entry progress may be stopped. If any order is stopped because of our suspicion, any cleared checks will be paid back to you and any non cashed checks will be returned with VOID written on them. The purchaser is responsible for determining the legality and/or safety for any application of product in this web site. RadioSign® / M. Bohnhoff, Incorporated shall not be liable for any injuries, losses, or damages incurred through the purchase or use of any products in this web site. All orders are subject to acceptance by M. Bohnhoff, Inc. By your purchase and/or use of any products in this web site you agree to the above Privacy and Terms of Use. While you may have the right to experiment with the products in this web site, misuse of them may be illegal and/or hazardous.