RS-ACC100 FM Transmitter
FCC Part 15 Certified

FCC Part 15 Certified 
No License Required
Digitally Tuned by user with available rotary dip
switches on the back of the unit.

Short range broadcasting** up to 75 to multiple hundreds of feet. Results may vary.
* Power Output: 
* Antenna: 
* Frequency:
* Stability: 
* Harmonics: 
* Audio Level: 
* AF Response:
* Audio Cable: 
* Power Supply: 
* Size & Weight:
* Enclosure:
* Shipping Weight 

250uV/M at 3 Meters
Fixed Length (20")
87.9 - 107.9 MHz
Crystal / PLL / 200Hz 
-40dB to -50dB 
-20dBm (line level)
RCA cable included
T2  (12V/.3A )
5"x 4"x1.5", 14 oz.
Black ENC3 included
2# Assembled /Tested 

The RS-ACC100 is modified by the manufacture for FCC part 15 certification. This includes internal reduction of output power and the use of a fixed antenna length. Certification is void if antenna length or power is increased or a connector is added. RadioSign® M. Bohnhoff, Inc. is not responsible for misuse, modification or unfamiliarity with part 15 FCC rules. If product is modified for export use or for use outside of United States with higher power jumpers installed, certification is void.

*Copyright laws and rebroadcasing of copyrighted material is the responsibility of the user / owner of this transmitter.
**Certification of this product requires following FCC part 15 rules regarding frequency usage and the need to move your frequency or in some cases if interference is not resolved shutting down your transmitter for compliance.